Sunday, 23 October 2011

Artist Research

10th September
August Sander -Face of Our Time 
Sander produced black and white portraits in a documentarian style in Germany, during the Great Depression. However, unlike Paul Trevor's study in the 1970's there is a real feeling of desperation and poverty.

John Stezaker
Also produced portraits but with a twist. By using collage, his work became dynamic and more telling. For example, (below) Love XI 2006, the extra strip of her eyes make the subject seem to be blinking, giving a flirtatious element to this attractive woman. I really like this way of enhancing a person's personality or mannerisms by using collage.

Thomas Hirschhorn- No life is Cheap, 2001
Also uses collage to show his disgust towards the poverty and famine which is present worldwide. Using aggressive marks with a red marker, the central female figure appearing to weep blood. The repeated phrase ' 1 MAN = 1 MAN' echoes his message.

Donna K- A Walk is a Series of Steps, 2008
The circular background with the figures merged into a central dial makes the piece more dynamic, as if they could be spinning round. this could symbolise change and time. Such as the young children growing into a young adult, ready to see the world.

James Gallager- Domestic 1, 2010
Uses  vintage images and does not show the face in his collage. is showing how a woman may lose her identity as a housewife, a slave to her husband and home.

Lilliana Pereira- Old school: Anatomy 2007
This collage may be a interpretation of a woman's anatomy,depicting the female figure as divine. But the words 'superficial veins' may suggest this beauty is only skin deep.

Tara Hardy- The Warrior, 2010
shows how the modern woman has  to be a warrior and fight with her brain, supported by imagery of pens instead of bullets, the birds may represent freedom in this new independence.

Ingrid Baars- Kiki, 2009
This digital collage presents its audience with quite graphic and vivid imagery. Which in turn explores the figure's sexual charge.

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