Friday, 16 September 2011

Abstract Expressionism

9th Sept 2011
Concept that art, whilst being abstract was also expressive or emotional in its effect. Inspired by the Surrealist idea that art should come from the unconscious mind and by the automatism of Miro. Split into two groups called the action painters, who worked in a spontaneous manner, and the field painters, who were occupied by religion and myth.

Jackson Pollock's 1A 1948. Action painter and pioneer of A.E, whose style involved dripping trails of a canvas laid on the floor.

Mark Rothko, Field painter, drew on myths of antiquity and religion. Large soft edged areas of layered colours, presented in a symmetrical presentation.

I attempted to produce a piece in the style of the Art Expressionism movement with graphite and emulsion on brown paper. I tried to make my marks quickly and with as little conscious thought as possible. I found it difficult to embrace automatism.

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