Sunday, 23 October 2011

Altering Perceptions

12th September
Many artists use methods of altering the subject of their work in some way to challenge their own or our perception of that subject. These processes make us reevaluate the familiar and the mundane things we don't notice normally because we see them everyday, if altered in some way take on a new identity and we see them with fresh eyes and a new appreciation.

Eduardo Paolozzi- Cast of Michael Angelo's David, 1989
Produced in response to 1987 break in of an art studio in which large casts were smashed and broken. Dissects the classic face with wedges and rope. Currently displayed in the Tate Liverpool.

Antony Gormley- Lost Boy 
is a faint silhouette of a figure and this drawing inspired Gormley to create the installation 'Blind Light'. In which there was a cloud preventing the audience from seeing, this gives a new appreciation for their senses, which many may take for granted.

David Nash
Nash alters perceptions by changing forms and using natural material and binding or burning them. He makes smaller experiments and then makes larger sculptures which can be seen at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Sue Lawty
Arranges and weaves materials in an orderly way.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude- The Gate, 2005
Wrapping changes our perception of things because it obscures an object. The Gate covered 23 miles of Central Park in New York and took 26 years to complete.

Being inspired by Christo Claude, I wrapped a small doll with pages from an old hymn book. To secure the doll, i used string like Nash would. I then deconstructed, and cut out the doll and took photos to record the process. I thought this restriction of the religious text, represented times gone by, in which a woman was stripped of her identity.

I also wanted to experiment with weaving, like Lawty. So I incorporated different materials such as wool, straws. elastic and ribbon, keeping to a colour scheme of red and pink.

I then produced a larger looser weave which incorporated brown, black, yellow and blue.

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