Thursday, 31 May 2012

Printing my bags ..

 I had to measure my bags and the screen to find the centre and line them up. I started by printing black.

Here is my first sample, I thought the ink came through a little heavy, to combat this I found that if the paint was mixed equally with printing medium and quickly skimmed across the screen the image came out clearer.

 Two of my bags printed in black.

 Green samples. I chose an emerald earthy green to tie in with my poster and the folky theme.

 Blue samples, this was to tie in with the festival poster.
 Brown Prints, this was to continue the earthy theme.
I randomly plodged on brown and green paint, this gave an interesting merge of the woody theme. I am very happy with the 18 bags I have successfully printed and the feedback i have recieved has been very positive.

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