Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bunting Samples

 I had to experiment with tension and needle size to determine how I wanted my knitted flags to look.

 For the doile flags, I PVA'ed the cut edge so it would not fray or snag threads.

Here is a sewn sample of the flags I plan to include. I want to keep the colour scheme minimal and focus on the texture and methods used. The first is a hemmed calico flag, with lino cut printing on to it. There is also the doile and knitted flags. I do however intend to increase the size.
This is a sample of the typographic flags i plan to use, at first I used just a piece of material but this looked unexciting and too 2D so I wadded up my second attempt which made it look better. My lettering will have serifs and I plan to use calico.

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