Saturday, 25 August 2012

Summer Brief for incoming First Years

The Graphic Design department at Lincoln University has set its first years a summer brief which has been devised to exercise conceptual, graphic, planning and making skills.

Project title: 'Reliquary'
Consider the term Reliquary and its possible conceptual extensions.
Part one:
Construct two cubes (one to fit inside the other). The first cube must be precisely 18.3cm on all edges. The second 'cube' should exactly fit, and slide with precision, into the first cube and you should size it accordingly to accomplish this. (Note because of this you may not have an exact cube i.e. all sides equal). You should consider carefully how the inner 'cube' might be easily removed from the outer cube. (The inner cube should glide smoothly out of the first, if you are really good at 'making' you may have to make a small air vent in the outer cube to facilitate this).
Both cubes should have a lid. This should hinge, slide, lift, rotate or otherwise open to reveal their contents of the cubes. (You may have to modify the dimensions of the inner 'cube' to accomodate the outer cube's lid). The materials you choose to construct the cubes are left to you (I would suggestcard or foam board, but the choice is really up to you) however both cubes should be of the same material and construction. All corner angles should be exactly 90 degrees. All edges should be neatly finished and glued. The wall thickness of the cubes is entirely your choice.

Part two:
Inside the inner cube, place an item of significance. This may be a physical, conceptual or metaphysical item, (an idea, aspiration, or philosopy, for example).  If it is a conceptual or metaphysical item, how will you represent this? The outer and inner cubes should not be left plain. Consider the contents of the inner cube and modify the surface of the outer cube accordingly. Similarly modify the surface on the interior of the inner cube. These surface modification could be via typography, image (drawn, printed, photographed, collaged), colour, texture etc.

Typography, Colour, Layout, Line, Pattern, Image, Relief, Positive, Negative Collaged, Printed, Drawn, Digital, Photography, 2D/3D, Crafted, Inventive, Subtractive, Additive, Printed, Embossed, Decoupage, Space, Playful, Conceptual, Philosophical, Intelligent, Speculative, Ambitious, Contemporary, Retro, Political, Social.

Some 'Brainfood' and nourishment:

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Whatever your conceptual and design choices, make your work with love and care, and make it the best that you can do.


  1. Wow Jill, that's a doozie of a project! - but not too far from some of your Foundation portfolio work. I've got that book 'Folding Techniques for Designers' at college if it's any help. Drop in next week if you'd like to borrow it. Sarah

  2. Its a bit intimadating thats for sure! but the book loan would be lovely though, thankyou. I'm away from wednesday to sunday, but perhaps the week after? Thanks