Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Venue Research

I decided to research venues that would be suitable for my band to play. It has to be an outdoorsy, folksy sort of festival that was very laid back and intimate. I then came across the End of the Road festival in Dorset, ran by Simon and his friend Sofia, the kind of festival they set out to create was one where:
  • You won't get all the over hyped bands headlining
  • Most bands play longer sets than usual
  • You can eat a range of quality food
  • You can drink a range of quality beers
  • The staff and security care about everyone and show respect
  • The crowd will be there for the MUSIC
  • We take pride in being an independent festival.
The idea with the End of the Road Festival was to organise an intimate festival with our favourite artists and to create a festival with a friendly and relaxed feel.
Here is the header to the festival's website, I like the natural and vintage feel from abstract imagery of the peacock/ gramophone.
This is the video of how the venue is put together, and all the work it takes, its sped up to show the passing of time.

Here is a poster of the 2011 festival, i really like the balloon and lantern imagery, its colourful and eye catching.

I also looked at the reviews of this festival:
★★★★★ The Independent, ★★★★ The Guardian, ★★★★ The Times

Simply one of the most magical, inspiring and intimate festivals of the summer."
The Independent

“Spark and colour were everywhere. The little touches made this tiny festival glorious.” 
The Guardian

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