Thursday, 12 January 2012

Life Drawing Part 4

This session was a little different, as the model was male and therefore the proportions were very different to the female form I was used to.

 Firstly, we did four 10 minute poses, in which the model rotated 90 degrees. This was to get used to his proportions, instead of the curvy female figure, the male's body was muscular and slim.

 For the second pose, the model rested his arm on to a ladder for 20 minutes. I used a pre-made surface consisting of emulsion, old music sheets, plasterers scrim and net. As the surface was very raised and textured, drawing with charcoal was difficult.

 Thirdly, he posed again for 20 minutes, leaning on the ladder. I used another pre-made surface which was less textured, and chalk pastels to create tone. I feel the proportions of the figure are more realistic.

 The next 20 minute pose was on black sugar paper with chalk. I think the proportions and tone are reasonably realistic.

For the last pose, the model was in a sitting position. I used charcoal and chalk to add highlights and darker tone, using the paper as the midi tone. This is my favourite life drawing to date, as the composition, form and tone are all successful.

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