Sunday, 1 January 2012

Illustration Workshop

Informative Graphics
The London Underground is an example of informative graphics. By H. E. Beck, who realised that passengers didn't need to know where the streets above ground were. Simplified map still worked even when more lines were added. Taken for granted by public.

Sequential Illustration
eg Comic books, instructional
Alfred Hitcock's Psycho

Simon Bisley

Maria Romanova

Airfix Kits

Technical/ Medical/ Botanical Illustration
Edmund Alexander

Winfred Neuhuber

Beau Daniels

Eagle Comics

Illustrative Surface Pattern
Jan Burgerman

Dan Funderburgh

Julia Rothman

Rob Ryan

Children's Book Illustration
E H Shepherd

Beatrice Potter

Dr Seuss

Advetising/ Propaganda Illustration
Emory Douglas

Nazi Propaganda


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