Monday, 19 December 2011

Walsh inspired Photography

I used emulsion to white out the background and paint in the hair and top using acrylic, giving the image a cartoon feel. The end product is very striking and the scribbled out face is a obviously a very quick mad mark, perhaps out of anger or jealousy. That is for the viewer to interpret.
Again I chose another solitary figure to concentrate on, I repeated the white-out technique to focus on the scribbled out head of the figure and I thought that it worked out well here, the red leggings give a real anger and passion that may reflect the artists emotions.

Finally I chose a male figure sitting on the stairs, this lonely pose shows a possible rejection or bitterness. The viewer can conjure their own scenario and I like how this person's identity is a mystery.

Moving on from Walsh's childish scribble, I markered out the main figures eyes. By white washing the other figures, all attention is focused on the central female. Her thumbs up and tight smile is very posed and by singling her out, it shows the artist's anger and disgust at her falseness.

I took the same scenario and swapped the figure's heads, almost mocking their relationship and the viewer may wonder what the subject's relationship may be and why the artist is making fun of them.

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