Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Antoni Tapies

Norma Starszakowna- silk organza, printed with various media and metal leaf.

I then made my own experimental surfaces. I splatted emulsion and left to dry. After using the charcoal on its side, gave texture, depth and a rippling effect.

After I mixed green and yellow ink, making sure it was still wet, put clingfilm on and allowed to dry.

Mixed PVA and yellow and green ink, sponged on. Plasterer's scrim drenched in PVA, spontaneously smushed on. Gives a fluidity and a 3D effect.

Masked off a 'T' shape with masking tape, sponged on ink, but bled through. Sprinkled on salt. also gave underwater effect.

PVA and green ink base, latex gloves ripped and layered with string and thread.

Emulsion smeared on with plastic knife, salt and rice flakes sprinkled on.

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