Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Letter A,
Peter Blake, 2007
demonstrates his passion for collecting letters and imagery.

Ben Eine, 2002- 2007
Made transition from guerilla graffitti to commissioned compositions

Alphabet for Alphaville
Scott Tepin, 2008
One storey urban dwellings which are animated with futuristic fantasy.

The Bastard Word
Fiona Banner, 2006-7
Images of fighter planes

Mapplethorpe Alphabet II
Amandine Alessandra, 2009
Vinyl gloves, a scanner and key means of communication, her hands

Alphabet of caught fish
Joanne Young, 2009
Forlorn fish which have been skewered by peculiarly shaped fish hooks. Grotesque tone as fish not hooked conventiallu through the lip.

Exclamation Point, from Exclamation Point, Comma and Question Mark
Andrea D'Aquine
Explores the imagined personalities and neurosis of various punctuation marks. Surreal images which maintain a darkly comic tone. Similar to David Shrigley and Edward Gorey.

Happiness is a Warm Gun
Matthias Ernstberger, 2005
Poster was part of a series documenting punctuation symbols, where each symbols was celebrated on a poster created by a different designer. Ernstberger was given the apostrophe, whose job it is to eliminate letters. Hence he chose to represent this with a revolver.

My collage of imagery of the letter 'o', never ending and constant

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