Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Alberto Giacometti

'Thats the terrible thing, the more one works on a picture, the more impossible it is to finish' Giacometti

I wanted to experiment more with texture and so I explored Giacometti's techniques of layering and veiling etc. As he uses the many different angles to build up his work, this is because he is a sculptor.

  • Firstly, I stretched a piece of thick A1 cartridge paper onto a board.
  • I then laid a basic mixed media surface over the paper, I kept the colour scheme white and added plasterer's scrim and tissue paper with PVA.
  • The subject matter I chose was some of my life drawings from different angles.
  • My concept behind this piece was to focus on the word vulnerability.
  • I used a range of media such as fine line, biro, graphite, charcoal and ink and stick. These mediums enabled me to work quickly and fluidly. 
  • By overlapping and veiling my drawing, it gives a multi dimensional element to my piece 

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