Sunday, 23 October 2011

Experimental Weaves

Weaving together images from magazines, larger strips and so sections are less distinguishable.

I tried another with tighter sections so that the figure is more distinguable.

Using my own image: tighter weave, with 2 images at slightly different angles so that weave is slightly distorted.

Continuing Eun-Sil Han's method of layering the head and cutting the jaw open, gives a element of comedic hilarity.

Influenced by Stezaker's 'Underworld', I used collage to give an impression of the subject's personality. I used flowing yellow material to show her happy disposition and a butterfly to show her youthfulness.

Influenced by Draxler, I laid strips of paper down, I like the stretched effect. I also like the subject's expression of shock as if she can feel being stretched.

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